Welcome to Crisp

Crisp is an Alliance raiding guild on US-Baelgun that strives for high progression. Our roster boasts top players and strong leadership that can pick us up by our bootstraps when we're down. Our teamwork and unwavering resolve have enabled us to claw our way up the ladder, ranking higher and higher with each tier to date.

Thanks for visiting and stay Crisp!

Happy Birthday - Have a Free Heroic Run!

August 5, 2014

Yes, you read that right! Crisp of US - Baelgun is celebrating our 7th birthday this month, and in our merriment, we are giving one lucky member of the WoW community a full free run of Siege of Orgrimmar!

This event is being hosted by Bay, our Enhancement Shaman and host/director of FinalBossTV!


Both Alliance and Horde are eligible, but Crisp is an Alliance guild. A Horde winner is responsible for his or her own faction transfer.
You cannot already have the Hellscream's Downfall title on your account.

How to Enter:

Just tune into FinalBossTV on August 26th! Bay will give further instructions and provide a special keyword on stream. The giveaway will function as a lottery; everyone has an equal chance to win!