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Happy Birthday - Have a Free Heroic Run!

August 5, 2014

Yes, you read that right! Crisp of US - Baelgun is celebrating our 7th birthday this month, and in our merriment, we are giving one lucky member of the WoW community a full free run of Siege of Orgrimmar!

This event is being hosted by Bay, our Enhancement Shaman and host/director of FinalBossTV!


Both Alliance and Horde are eligible, but Crisp is an Alliance guild. A Horde winner is responsible for his or her own faction transfer.
You cannot already have the Hellscream's Downfall title on your account.

How to Enter:

Just tune into FinalBossTV on August 26th! Bay will give further instructions and provide a special keyword on stream. The giveaway will function as a lottery; everyone has an equal chance to win!

Tier 16 - Work Complete!

January 12, 2014

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I would like to share a tale with you and like every tale there is a beginning and an ending, so sit back relax and enjoy the ride.

Everything has a beginning, our beginning started with a fall. Over 6 years ago the fall of a guild that brought together the forming of Crisp. 798. The fall of the Lich king, that almost brought together the end of the guild. That is when I truly consider the beginning of Crisp. With a new officer full of energy and desire to excel, he motivated me to strive for something greater. Chesticles, fighting The Wrath of mediocrity. With new found energy and motivation we began to build an atmosphere and culture to raiding that would be conducive to our goals. Mass, The Cataclysm. Assisting in the building and bringing in the knowledge and energy that we look for in every player. Like every leader I needed a right and left hand, and so it began.

107. The Fall of Deathwing. This fall also brought another new beginning. Teq, Mists of Pandaria. An expansion full of hope and motivation to break the top 100 US 25 man raiding ranks.

51. As bosses fell we started to gain momentum, the momentum that would inspire us to fight fear. No longer fearing to excel, or fearing what will become of a top 100 guild. We now became conquerors of hate and fear. Every conqueror sits on a throne, and ours was made of thunder.

40. The Fall of Lei Shen and Ra-den provided us with that throne. As other conquerors did, we looked to distant lands and goals to lay siege to. So began the Siege of Crisp. With some Luc on our side, we pushed to break a new barrier and conquer the latest tyrant to threaten our existence. Some of us looked to the Skye in search of help and leadership. And our prayers where answered.

37. The fall of Garosh. Spending over 500 pulls on the last 3 encounters in a raid instance is a great challenge, a challenge that many other guilds cannot overcome, but we did. Countless hours spent working on this challenge in and out of game finally gave us the victory we were all hungering for. We stood in the face of adversity unified as a guild, as friends, and as a family to overcome many obstacles. We maintained our resolve and finally we prospered. 30 different guildies helped in bringing this tyrant to his demise. While not all 30 are there for the actual kill their work doesn’t go unnoticed.

??. As in the past a fall brings a new beginning, a new challenge to overcome. New goals, new raids, new guildies, and a new way of raiding. Where will the future lead us, what will we do to evolve to a new level of Mythic raiding? In the past top 100 was a goal, we reached 51. Breaking top 50? Can it be done? How about top 40? Yes! And here we are 37 US. Nothing at all to be ashamed of and everything to look forward to. As new challenges in the horizon await us we cannot forget what it took to get to where we are now. To relish in the victory and the spoils of our accomplishments. As a guild leader I cannot express how ecstatic I am where and how we finished this expansion. I would like to thank every one of my guild members for their support and hard work. As for me is this my end? Has burnout finally caught up with me? Fuck No! My motivation is not dead, my resolve will continue, my unwillingness to settle will not end. I will lead you as long as you will follow me. Go Crisp, let’s get better, and let’s not give into complacency. Let’s do what we are good at, let’s become Warlords, let’s be Crisp!


Lookin' good

November 10, 2013

The Road Goes Ever On And On - 12/14 Heroic

October 3, 2013


The Siege So Far... 7/14Heroic

September 26, 2013

*Insert worthless water puddle boss kill shot here*